<a href="sub-buzz-27900-1479116711-1 The latest vandalism from the Dork Side is censoring the concept of “climate change” from a Wisconsin governmental website (Snopes; see-also Sou and of course half your fb and Twitter feed). As Sou points out this minor vandalism seems to have over-excited certain sections of the denialist crowd, which is to be expected: they need a constant stream of news, and are on edge waiting for Trump to do something thrilling. This latest episode has no obvious connection to Trump, and indeed has no clear author. So you don’t have to go elsewhere, a present-day snapshot is this and an older pre-vandalism version is that. It is kinda interesting that there is a just-pre-vandalism snapshot; methinks whoever was ordered to do it made sure that the damage would be visible.

The page is now so absurdly anodyne (As it has done throughout the centuries, the earth is going through a change. The reasons for this change at this particular time in the earth’s long history are being debated and researched by academic entities outside the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources…) that it might as well not exist. Naturally, the “dangerous” links from the page have also been purged. One internal link to the even-more dangerous has been disappeared entirely and is now a 404. But predictably enough the thing it was a springboard to – – still exists. So, the reach of the vandals is still narrow.

The damage has been done (perhaps deliberately, by those who had no choice but to do it) incompetently; although the phrase “climate change” has been scrubbed from the page – indeed, the word “climate” has been scrubbed – the page URL is still “…/climatechange.html”, and the link to it from is still under the text “Climate change and the Great Lakes”.

But all this brings me back to what I said earlier: where will you get your information from about Global Warming? Probably not from a site about the Great Lakes. Indeed, hopefully not from such a place. It will – weakly – affect your perception (I’m trying to see it from the viewpoint of a hypothetical intelligent unbiased person looking around them and trying to work out what’s what) of the general state of belief in the world around you. But only weakly; and anyone actually interested would inevitably find the obvious sources – IPCC or wiki – and have the truth available.