Howdy folks!  As many of you are aware, we have been producing SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT since 1970 and SCIENCE SCREEN REPORT FOR KIDS (elementary level) since 1990 which covers such a wide spectrum of topics and innovations that we have been delighted to report on.  Robotics has certainly been one of our favorite topics over the years and we hope to have an update for 2016.  For those of you interested in the state of affairs in robotics should check out the info below!

CHICAGO — Celebrating technology and how it can improve our lives. That was the focus of National Robotics Week at the Museum of Science and Industry, with kids and adults getting a very up-close look at how rapidly tech is changing.

All week long visitors can see robots in motion, program them and see what makes them roll, dance, even float.

Animal lovers will find Paro exceptionally soothing: a therapeutic robot designed to help the sick.

If you’re too sick to work, or just sick of work,  Double the telepresence robot might one day make all of our lives a little more relaxing.

If you want to learn how these robots all work, the humanoid robot is a great place to start — even the little ones can practice programming them, hopefully sparking a future in robotic or stem-related industries.

More info:

National Robotics Week

Through April 10

Museum of Science and Industry

5700 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago 60637