Last Thursday, OSHA announced a new standard to protect workers who are exposed to respirable crystalline silica. Here are some of my favorite quotes and remarks in response to OSHA’s news:

“Safety advocates worked for years to get this rule in place. Controlling silica dust is especially important to immigrant workers and other vulnerable groups, who are often assigned the dirtiest, most dangerous jobs on any worksite.” Javier Garcia Hernandez, a construction worker and former consultant for the Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health. (here)

“[Obama] administration officials appear to have instead opted to set a new standard that we know is well beyond the capabilities of current air filtration and dust removal technology.” Brian Turmail, a spokesman for the Associated General Contractors of America. (here)

“La silicosis es conocida como el asesino silencioso, “porque para cuando aparecen los síntomas, ya es demasiado tarde, y ya no hay nada que hacer.” José Granados, trabajador de la construcción que vive en Houston.  [“Silicosis is known as ‘the silent killer’ because by the time symptoms develop, it is too late and there is no longer anything to do.”] (here)

As reported by Reuters, “Jay Timmons, president and chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers, said that the new rules were based on out-of-date research and that regulators had vastly underestimated the cost of the rules to businesses, which would run into the billions.” (here)

“This is a life-saving public health victory, and we thank the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for making it happen.” Georges Benjamin, MD, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association. (here)

“The major impact of OSHA’s new rule is …that it will for the first time require employers to regularly monitor the level of silica exposure in their workplaces and the health of their employees to insure companies are doing what is necessary to protect workers. That is long overdue.” Mark Ellis, president of the National Industrial Sand Association. (here)

“The labor movement has fought for these standards for decades. We will continue to fight to defend these rules from the certain industry attacks that will come, so that workers are finally protected from this deadly dust.” Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President (here)

“Yo veo por todo Houston, a los trabajadores de la construcción quitarse sus camisetas para cubrirse la nariz y la boca para no respirar el polvo de sílice en su trabajo. Ahora las empresas tendrán que tomar las medidas adecuadas para controlar el polvo de sílice.” Alejandro Zuniga, Centro de Trabajadores Fe y Justicia. [“I see construction workers all over Houston pull shirts over their noses and mouths to stop from breathing in the dust. Now companies will have to take the proper steps to control silica dust.”] (here)

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, “The new OSHA regulation is neither technologically nor economically feasible.” Marc Freedman, US Chamber of Commerce. (here)

And on this last point, the US Court of Appeals will have the final say on whether OSHA’s silica rule is feasible. The Chamber of Commerce and other opponents of the new regulation now have 60 days to file a lawsuit challenging the OSHA rule.

In the meantime, do you have your own favorite quote about the new OSHA silica rule?